The Rules of Frendzy Green Club

August 3, 2012

Rule #6. We will take pictures with each other and of each other.

When my daughter, Tallulah, was in 4th grade I found the following list neatly written down on her desk. I kept it, even sent it to my book editor as an idea for a Middle Grade series. I was reminded of this old piece of paper by the “Life List” on Sarah on the Go. As Chief Executive Officer and Director of Global Strategy, Finance & Waste Management here at The Muddy Kitchen, I particularly like the “recycle and compost” rule, but “take pictures with each other and of each other” is pretty great too.


1. We never say impossible.
2. We never lie, or else if you do you’re out of the club.
3. We always write with a pen – that’s what mistakes are for.
4. We have a dedicated heart so that means you love good friends.
5. You really can’t be bratty or you’re out of the club.
6. We take pictures with each other and of each other.
7. We write things that happen to us everyday.
8. We will recycle and compost.
9. We have to share!

Rule #8. We will recycle and compost. (More on my amazing black locust 3-bin composter later.)


Take your boots off before you come in here!

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sarah On The Go

Love this post! Your daughter seems like a very sweet girl. It’s always inspiring to see young children wanting to do good. The whole list is adorable, but I absolutely love #3 🙂


Jennifer Solow

Thanks, lady! Yes – she’s a sweet girl. I’m not sure I could live by Rule #3, but it’s one to shoot for. xx



Love, love, love these rules to live by!!!! We should remind her of rule # 6 when she moans as Poppy is about to take his 400th picture of her 🙂


Jordan Solow Sweeting

Love that photo too!


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