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November 12, 2012

The ‘Pick-Up Party’ at Regusci Winery.

While I do miss my veggie garden something fierce when I’m back in California, I am rewarded with the heady knowledge that a little slice o’ heaven is just up the road.

On a Saturday morning, after a bit of lolling around (which makes my Saturday mornings sound so much more Zsa Zsa Gabor-esque than they are) and maybe a nice slosh of Blue Bottle Coffee, and a pain au chocolat nibble or two, I can turn to my husband and in one single word suggest something so delicious, so enticing, so impossible to turn down that it rouses even the tiredest of men.

One word. Posed as a question. While still in bed:


89 minutes later and there she is!

And more often than not, “there” means Regusci Winery.

The wine is from their grapes, the oil is from their olives, the pumpkin seeds are from their Rouge Vif d’Etampes, and the walnuts are from their trees.

The lovely Rita is practiced in the fine art of making the thousandth wine-riddled conversation of the day feel interesting.

Why Regusci? (Say ‘Ra-goo-shee!‘)

1. Because Regusci wine is consistently yummy.

2. Because it’s not so ridunculously expensive that real people can’t buy it.

3. Because of Alex and Rita and Neil (no, don’t think he’s got anything on under that kilt, but haven’t confirmed). They’re always a few glasses into the bottle when we get there. Can’t trust the wine guys who don’t do the drink.

4. Because Darioush is so over.

5. Because if you ask really nicely, they might show you the secret stash they keep next door. Bring a flashlight. Stay hydrated. Don’t get anyone fired.

6. And because, surprise surprise, they have a veggie garden to die for. I wander around it, coveting this and that, dreaming of the day when I too will have a staff of 20 to make my garden look weedless and perfect from moment to moment.

Hit me again with the good stuff.

Alex has a great job. And he pours a fine glass of vino.

Sshh!! I had to try just a few of these. And yes, the grape is nearly as good as the wine.

Nothing says “staff of 20” like a weedless garden.

Photographic advice: pretend you’re checking your email then sneakily snap pictures of the beautiful people.

Oh yeah. Almost forgot. “Picking up” is what the “Pick Up Party” is all about.

After a long day with the grape, I recommend dropping into a pile of chives and just, you know, taking it easy.

Take your boots off before you come in here!

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Jennifer Solow

Hello all! I’m doing a test post on my new self-hosted blog (yes, my eyes are about to pop out. Any comments are welcome – I’m trying to work out the kinks.



Amazing job ! looks great ! xoxo



i love this. please write for us.


Jennifer Solow

Oh, Karen Jane! Just call. xx


Janeice Calfe

Hi Jennifer,
I am a friend of your mom….missed your blog…glad you are back! I really enjoy it.


Jennifer Solow

Thanks, Janeice. I missed it too! Working on the technical stuff was so over and above my head (if you are a friend of my mom’s, you know the genes I am coming from!). Thanks for the note! Hopefully my next post – it IS Verbless VVednesday tomorrow after all! – will go off without a hitch! Let me know if your email looks okay tomorrow. I’m crossing my fingers!!




It came through beautifully! Looking forward to your muddy kitchen escapades as we go through this yummy time of year.


Stewart Putney

Nice day…nice garden….all they need is a hammock.


Jennifer Solow

…and a small guest house. Maybe a nice comfy robe. Some slippers. A little breakfast in the morning. The New York Times. Cawfee.


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