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March 6, 2017

Margaritas and photography

Just when you thought I had disappeared entirely, I emerge again with exciting news. I am the new Publisher and Editor in Chief of Edible Hudson Valley. This is not a Devil-Wears-Prada-Anna-Wintour sort of gig, more like flip-flops, bug repellant, tractors and Carhartts. The front of our barn has made for a lovely makeshift photo studio. No setup goes to waste. We eat what we shoot.  

Photo set-up in the barn.

– The barn is a perfect makeshift photo studio –

I’m SO excited I can’t stand it. I’ve been working 20 hours a day since the beginning of last summer. My one-person show has turned into a whole team of people. Each day I’m floored by the greatness of others: a stunning photograph, a story that leaps off the page, and new friends at every turn. ❤️

Dubbed The Dirty Issue, our spring debut will introduce you to “Truffle Boy,” a kid who became one of the world’s most important truffle dealers while still in high school. You’ll sip The Dirtiest Dirty Martini, join us on this year’s tromp into the woods for ramps, take a tour of the mysterious black dirt region of Pine Island and have a taste of the insanely good stuff that grows there.  

How to take a photo in a beehive.

– Damon suits up for the hive –

Bryan gets a lift at Ironwood Farms.

– Photographer’s Assistant of the Year Award? –

The reward for a morning of magazine work.

– The craft service table. –

The Muddy Kitchen doubles as the war room.

– Bette and Steven hard at work in the boardroom. –

Jennifer Solow - a freshly-minted publisher.

– The new publisher getting by on very little sleep 🙂 –

If you love The Muddy Kitchen, you’ll lurve Edible Hudson Valley. Please subscribe and I’ll make sure each and every issue arrives on your doorstep. 

Get Edible Hudson Valley delivered to your doorstep by clicking here!*  


Take your boots off before you come in here!

Jennifer Solow



*Our website is still under construction. Relaunching in spring.


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Feliz Dubois

Sign me up baby! Congradulations!



Love these photos! What fun. xoxo


Margaret Gilfoyle

Whoa! I just wanted to check in with you at The Muddy Kitchen, and somehow missed this news from last year! Congratulations!!! I’ll have to check in to your new Edible website! What a coincidence – I’m now a free lance writer for Edible Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins! Best wishes and happiness ….
Are you coming to Slow Food Nations in Denver this July??? Maybe meet you around and about the Edible booth!


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